New Year Rimini

An incredible and fun New Year Rimini

Spend the New Year in Rimini with joy and fun!

In Rimini the countdown preceding the arrival of the new year begins timidly from the beginning of autumn to become gradually more and more anxious waiting, for fragorosamente explode at midnight on Dec. 31 at precisely the New Year Rimini 2009 involving a collective embrace the festive crowd hails the arrival of 2009.
From the roar of the square Fellini (Rimini) will take place where the mega media event represented by the television broadcast "will be the year that" other towns on the coast, organized by veglione trendy discos in hotels, restaurants up to the campaigns' hinterland are locked in the celebrations for the new year to last up to the light of dawn in a kaleidoscope of emotions, fun, music and fun never ending. Check out the events

Rimini is preparing for its Christmas since the last day of November, presenting sparkling and vital already in early December when the waterfront is beginning to shine through the lights lit, the roads begin to play with light colored lights and, in the squares, between the avenues and alleys of the old and a bit everywhere, spreads ones full of turmoil and unrest that is becoming increasingly button as you approach the holidays. Of course there is great frenzy among all tourism operators.

Rimini hotel opened its doors to their customers in perfect style Christmas offering proposals irresistible both in terms of services and quality that under the economy. From the Hotel 4 stars and 3 stars to pensions, from the residence to Bed and Brakfast the possibilities are endless accommodation and all with the proverbial hospitality of Romagna. In restaurants with tables s'imbandiscono typical Christmas menu, and, between decorations and red tablecloths strictly, we must undertake to prepare lunches and New Year dinner every year more and more inviting. At the same time the managers of the clubs most famous of the Riviera are busy organizing veglione unforgettable and intended to make its mark among the most glamorous events of recent years.

Spending the New Year in Rimini, however, also means much more. The historical center and the inland territory represent a reservoir of art, history and culture of unusual interest and intriguing beauty. Just think of the old monuments, works of art, the domus of the surgeon, an ancient Roman dwelling shown the light, museums, exhibitions, galleries. Leaving the city and entering in the surrounding area can be admired in many villages of the Interior, the remains of an ancient and glorious past that witnessed the history, art and culture of the place. But Christmas and New Year Rimini not forget that they are also and, in some ways, especially the feasts of children in Rimini will certainly find opportunities to have fun and learn new things by visiting some of the many theme parks in the area, as in Italy Miniature Park and Le Navi, overseas and participating in activities and events organized specially for children.

Spending the New Year 2009 in Rimini is in short an opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, the ability to spend and the multiplicity of interests of everyone having the opportunity to offer its visitors such a variety of occasions, events and demonstrations can to meet the expectations of everyone. Finally we must not forget that Rimini and the rest of the Adriatic Riviera are compared to New Year, a privilege unique in the world, or they can celebrate during the calendar year well "two New Year", the traditional, in the magical night of S . Sylvester, and the summer thanks to the glittering night Rosa.
The New Year in Riviera

S. Sylvester always deliver the magic of a night different from all others. During the year we are seeing, especially in Riviera, a succession of holidays, party, events and exhibitions of all kinds, but that night that opens the doors to the new year to all a special taste. That concentration of hopes, dreams and desires of the Future of 'years to come, all those 365 days to live leaving behind the past. The coasts of the Adriatic Riviera, invaded, especially during the warm season, from festive crowds of tourists, light, in the period between the old and the new year, a unique and unrepeatable light. E 'atmosphere, one that invades the Romagna in this time of year, warm and beating, colored lights and scanned by the sound of music that spreads a bit everywhere, from shiny and festive streets in the center of cities and towns Riparian , To the romantic inland areas steeped in history, art and culture where the local Christmas tradition revived in full its rituals and its ceremonies. And then the crisp breeze that rises from the sea, sometimes calm and flat as a table silver, sometimes turbulent and tumultuous as if its waters were dragged into a dance rhythms and violent. Winter sea is a spectacle of rare beauty, intense and load suggestions decidedly unusual, but no less fascinating than what you usually see in the summer.

And it is precisely during the two weeks covering the period of Christmas that the Romagna, and in particular the Riviera, riesplode with a surprising vitality from the quiet and calm atmosphere during autumn and winter, when the pace is slowed down and stretches it savors a pleasant and relaxing torpor. In December, however, and as long all'Epifania until the holidays, there is the great awakening that reached its peak on the night of St. Sylvester. The hotels for the New Year in Riviera are stretched and polished to make a tender offer to their customers proposals residence increasingly attractive prices vantaggiosissimi including a cenone tale prepared with tables of delicious dishes, music and entertainment. The restaurateurs are not obviously less and offer in their facilities, carefully decorated for the occasion, sumptuous menu with full respect for the tradition of Romagna also leaving room for new and origianali gastronomic variations. The city centers and major avenues of commerce, dotted with elegant shops and prestigious boutiques, live the ferment of the period of enriching holiday lights and colorful decorations magnificent inviting citizens, tourists and travelers crossing to attend the Christmas shopping rush. In this period celebration hoteliers, restaurateurs and retailers, along with all other tour operators, show once again, despite the diversity of roles, an element that unites them, namely the traditional hospitality of Romagna, which has become a distinctive and indelible of reception "made in Emilia Romagna."

And how to forget the clubs that celebrate the arrival of the new year by organizing superfeste that send fans into delirium of the night for the most glamorous event of the year. Along the hills of Riccione and Misano, in Rimini and Milano Marittima, on the heights of Gabicce are located some of the finest local and famous in Italy, goals favorite characters from the world of sport, entertainment and fashion, which celebrate Romagna in the New Year surrounded by a crowd of festive music and glittering dresses overwhelming.
What about the movida that shake the streets of the center? Dances, the hugs, smiles, the toast and concerts that fill the squares of a joyful people who greets the new year under the flashes of fireworks that illuminate the day at Riviera giving the intensity and charm of a dream.